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PD has some wonderful treatments for her in the mean time. Until they're up to par she's going to have to suffer through the strokes of PDs cane all over her body. Sucking cock means getting ass fucked and even just getting off with a vibrator has another dimension.

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Alma squirms as the whip draws near. Alma is a fetish icon. Alma reveals a scheme of her own, and she leaves Gillian to struggle helplessly in the nude. But she is discovered and fold-tied and white duct tape is added over her gag. Alma is a very beautiful and sweet girl who acts in a pettishly charming manner. When friends are bound and forced into sexually service with pussy and ass!

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Darling is bound below, spread, helpless with a dildo impaled in her shaved pussy and a vibrator stuck on her sensitive clit. However that is the least interesting thing about this entire ordeal. With a huge funnel gag tightly rigged into Darling's mouth right under Rain's squirting pussy, the nectar of the Gods needs to go someplace.

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We also test out a new prototype suction machine that inflates and deflates the dildo. Now has in her mouth and taped in. Later, she thinks the villainess is her client and gets her panties to pull down and expose her most intimate area. The bit gag, but she is about to get a rude awakening.

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Claire Dames has suffered through several intense shoots over the past few weeks. She's been choked, machine fucked, slapped, whipped, shocked, prodded, dragged around by her hair, and otherwise thoroughly used. Although I'm usually selfish and unwilling to share my toys, I make exceptions for friends of mine, such as Damon Pierce, who wanted to play with Claire Dames for a day. We sat back and taped it, and here is what we saw.

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Being dunked while bound, that she was offering anything I wanted to NOT be dunked. Sexy lingerie. Cassidy as she gets a matching ring gag forced in her mouth to keep the neighbors from hearing her scream. Our cutie a soft and almost unseen yet strong restraint. I'm sure glad I did!

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