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Once in a while. Chained and gagged her and after tearing off her skirt and panty he spanked her tight bun again but it wouldnt turn red so he grabbed his slippers and spanked her by hand but obviously that Priscilla enough so he took an old duster which he used for toilet cleaning and landed it on the bottom. When she arrived to do the shoot she was already nervous.

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With a single metal collar, chain and 2 padlocks you can have a beautiful girl in inescapable bondage. She may be able to move, her hands may even be free but she can't go anywhere and must follow every command. Dressed in a latex spanking dress and gloves Arachnia is a true submissive waiting to please her Master by taking punishment and giving him sexual satisfaction.

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18 years old and practically a virgin, Mallory explores kinky sex with Steve Holmes. She only had sex a hand full of times prior to this shoot and her pussy is so tight that Steve struggles to get his cock inside. However, Mallory's ability to deep throat is quite impressive.

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Madison's desire and ability to endure intense pain and bondage is extraordinary. The ropework performed by Claire Adams is creative and effective. In a calm and strict demeanor, Claire dishes out hard punishment including spanking, whipping, caning and a massive amount of clothespins. She is stapon fucked, balls deep, in a suspension and made to fuck herself with a dildo while punished.

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